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Karen Michalson » OUI FAQ What penalties am I facing? What’s the worst that can happen if I’m convicted? What is Melanie’s law? I’ve just been arrested for OUI.

What happens next? How long does it take to resolve a case? Why should I hire an attorney? Why don’t I just represent myself?

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  • Mass. RMV, Registry, hardship license, suspended, suspension, attorney, hearing, hardship, cinderella license, work license, board of appeal, Board of Appeals.
  • On July 24 th, The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) unveiled a new Driver’s License and Mass ID design to be phased in over 5 years, at no additional.

The RETELL initiative (Rethinking Equity in the Teaching of English Language Learners) represents a commitment to address the persistent gap in academic proficiency. Mass. Hardship License, Massachusetts DUI, Registry of Motor Vehicles, suspended, revoked, cinderella license. I recently received this inquiry from an individual who is attempting to obtain a hardship license. Good afternoon, I have two oui of liquor. I went to trial last.

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If I hire a lawyer will I get a guaranteed result? Do you guarantee a result? All I want to do is plead this out, get this over with, and start driving again. I don’t want to go through months of litigation and then a trial. Do I really need an attorney? What will an attorney cost me?

What do you charge for a typical OUI? What is a hardship license? How soon can I get my license back? I heard I can automatically get a hardship license. My friend had an OUI charge and he got a hardship license right away. What happens if I refuse to take or fail a breath test?

Will I lose my license? That sounds harsh. Should I refuse a breath test? Should I refuse to do field sobriety tests? I lost my license for failing or refusing a breath test. Can I get a hardship license now, before my case resolves? Speaking of police reports, the report in my case makes everything sound hopeless, and much of it isn’t even accurate.

Should I really fight this? But I still feel hopeless. What kinds of defenses exist in OUI cases? My last OUI was 2. Does it count against me?

What is a cwof? My previous OUI had a cwof, does it count? What penalties am I facing? What’s the worst that can happen if I’m convicted? What is Melanie’s law? Melanie’s Law, which added new, more severe penalties and administrative sanctions to Massachusetts’s existing OUI law, went into effect on October 2.

Massachusetts now has one of the harshest OUI laws in the United States, which you can read for yourself at M. G. L. ch. 9. 0 § 2. If you are convicted of OUI in Massachusetts, here’s what you are facing: First Offense. Up to 2 ½ years in jail$5. Head Injury Treatment Services Trust Fund (this assessment may not be waived or reduced by the court for any reason)$5. Victims of Drunk Driving Trust Fund (this assessment may not be waived by the court for any reason)$5.

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Fee to reinstate license: $5. RMV is now imposing an additional $5. Alternative First Offense Disposition. This disposition is only available to first- time offenders and to individuals with one previous OUI conviction or assignment to an alcohol or controlled substance education, treatment, or rehabilitation program as a result of a single like offense that is more than 1. Up to 2 years probation (you will be required to pay a $6. Driver Alcohol Education (DAE) program- This is a 1.

Cost: $7. 07. 7. 6If the court deems it necessary, assignment to an alcohol or controlled substance abuse treatment or rehabilitation program or both. Individuals aged 1. This program is at the individual’s expense, and is in addition to any other sentence received. DAE program)$2. 50 assessmen for the Head Injury Treatment Services Trust Fund (this assessment may not be waived or reduced by the court for any reason)$2. Victims of Drunk Driving Trust Fund (this assessment may not be waived by the court for any reason)$5. If previous offense is more than 1. RMV will require you to have an Ignition Interlock device on your car at your own expense for 2 years after your license is reinstated (any time you use an Ignition Interlock device with a hardship license doesn’t count) Installation costs $1.

As of 2/1/1. 0 the RMV also imposes a $3. Ignition Interlock Program administration fee. Fee to reinstate license: $5. RMV is now imposing an additional $5. Second Offense. Not less than 6. Ignition Interlock device installed in your car at your own expense before license can be reinstated; must keep Ignition Interlock in car for 2 years. Installation costs $1.

As of 2/1/1. 0 the RMV also imposes a $3. Ignition Interlock Program administration fee. Fee to reinstate license: $7. RMV is now imposing an additional $5. Alternative Disposition (available to second time offenders)If your first offense was more than ten years old you are eligible to ask for the first offender alternative disposition discussed above. If your first offense was less than ten years old you are eligible to ask for: Up to 2 years probation$2.

Head Injury Assessment)$5. Victims of Drunk Driving Trust Fund (this assessment may not be waived by the court for any reason)1. Ignition Interlock installed in your car at your own expense before license can be reinstated; must keep Ignition Interlock in car for 2 years. Installation costs $1. As of 2/1/1. 0 the RMV also imposes a $3. Ignition Interlock Program administration fee. Fee to reinstate license: $7.

RMV is now imposing an additional $5. Third Offense (felony)Not less than 6 months in jail (mandatory 1. Commonwealth may seize and sell your car. Fee to reinstate license: $1.

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RMV is now imposing an additional $5. Fourth Offense (felony)Not less than 2 years in jail (mandatory 1 year to serve); maximum 5 years in state prison$1,5. Commonwealth may seize and sell your car.

Fee to reinstate license: $1. RMV is now imposing an additional $5. Fifth Offense (felony)Not less than 2 ½ years in jail (mandatory 2. Lifetime license suspension (no eligibility for hardship license, ever)Furthermore: If you are convicted of OUI with a child 1. First offense – license suspended 1 yearb) Second offense – license suspended 3 years.

These suspension periods begin after all previous OUI suspensions have ended. Back to Top 2. I’ve just been arrested for OUI. What happens next? At the police station. First, if you’ve just been arrested for OUI, chances are that your license is now suspended because you either failed or refused the breath test. For suspension periods click here. If you can’t get a licensed driver to come to the police station and drive your car home, the police may impound your car.

You have the right to make a phone call to a lawyer or to your family or friends to arrange to bail you out of the police station. You also have the right to go to a medical facility and have a blood test taken to independently determine your blood alcohol level (BAC), but the police are not required to bring you to a facility. If you believe that an independent blood test will show that your BAC is under . You will have an opportunity to bail yourself out of the police station. Bail can run from $4. If you cannot bail yourself out, the police will keep you in custody and transport you directly to court for your arraignment as soon as the nearest court is in session.

If you can bail yourself out, the police will release you and tell you when and where to appear in court for your arraignment. If your license is suspended do not drive to court or anywhere else, or you risk further penalties, including jail. If you fail to appear in court for your arraignment a warrant will issue for your arrest, and you risk being held in jail without bail until your case is resolved.

Arraignment. Arraignments can be intimidating, particularly if you don’t have any experience with the court system. Do not discuss your case with anyone in the courthouse, and do not make statements regarding your case when you are before the judge. Anything you say in court is recorded, and can be used against you later. Anyone you speak to in the hallways can be brought into court later and questioned about what you said. The best you can do is say nothing. The court will read the charges against you, enter a not guilty plea on your behalf, and ask if you intend to hire a lawyer. You are entitled to be evaluated as to whether you qualify for a court- appointed attorney.

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If you do not qualify, you will be given time to hire a lawyer and a date to come back (your pretrial date, see below). In some situations, if the Commonwealth believes that you are a flight risk or a danger to the public, there will be a bail hearing to determine whether you will be released or held in jail. It is often the case that people cannot get an attorney for their arraignments as notice is so short. However, if there is a bail hearing the court will provide an attorney to represent you for that hearing, whether or not you qualify for a court appointed lawyer. If you don’t qualify you will be on your own after the bail hearing to hire your own attorney. You also have the option of representing yourself.

If you are considering representing yourself, please read this first. Pretrial Your first return date after your arraignment is your pretrial conference date. This is usually around 4.

At this date your attorney submits a written request to the district attorney to produce all the evidence the Commonwealth intends to use against you. The Commonwealth typically has until the next date (compliance) to produce evidence. Your attorney may also file motions and request court orders for the production of specific evidence at this time.

From the defendant’s perspective nothing much appears to happen on the pretrial date. You need to be there, but you are not required to say anything. You will be given a date to come back (compliance date).

Compliance This is the date at which requested evidence is produced. This is usually around 4. If there is a lot of evidence your attorney needs time to go over with you (such as a booking video) he or she will ask for an election date. It is not uncommon to have to return for more than one compliance date if all the evidence isn’t available at the first date.

Motion Hearing This is usually around 4. Depending on the facts of your particular case, there may be grounds to suppress your statements, the field sobriety tests, the breathalyzer results, or even the stop itself. If enough evidence can get thrown out at the motion date it may be possible, depending on the facts of your case, to get a dismissal. Sometimes the case won’t get dismissed, but the Commonwealth will end up having to go forward with less evidence, making it more difficult for them to prove.

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Can I get a hardship license in MA? ›

Hardship licenses are only granted to Massachusetts driver's license holders. In order to apply for a hardship license, you must attend a hearing at select RMV hearing sites.

How long does it take to get a hardship license in Mass? ›

If you are self-employed, you need to provide articles of your business registration. In most cases, I am able to assist my clients in getting a hardship license withing 7 to 10 days of the conclusion of an OUI case. That is the time that it takes the courts to process the paperwork and send it to the Registry.

What are the rules for a hardship license in Massachusetts? ›

A hardship license is a restricted license in that it allows you to drive for a set 12 hour period, 7 days a week. In order to be granted a hardship license, you will need to provide adequate documentation that you would suffer a significant “hardship” without this limited use license.

What is a Cinderella license in Massachusetts? ›

A cinderella license is a type of restricted license that allows the person who holds it to drive for a limited amount of time each day. Driving time is usually capped at a maximum of 12 hours during a 12-hour period – i.e. from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m., seven days a week.

How long does a hardship license last in Massachusetts? ›

However, once you are granted your hardship license it will remain in effect until your full suspension is completed unless you otherwise lose the privileges due to violating the guidelines of these limited driving privileges.

Can you get a hardship license if you refuse a breathalyzer in Massachusetts? ›

If you refused the breathalyzer test, you likely have a lifetime loss of license suspension, and the Registry of Motor Vehicles will not grant you a hardship license. If you took the breathalyzer test, you are not eligible to apply for a hardship license until five years pass from the date of conviction.

What is an emergency temporary license Massachusetts? ›

The Emergency Temporary License is a full, unlimited and unrestricted medical license. A request for an Emergency Temporary License must be made by a Massachusetts healthcare facility (as defined by M.G.L. c. 111, § 1) to either the Executive Director of the Board or the Director of Licensing.

Can you drive out of state with a Massachusetts hardship license? ›

There are no restrictions in Massachusetts regarding where you can drive while on a hardship license. Some states restrict driving for school, work, medical, and similar reasons. However, the Registry in Massachusetts does not limit where you can go with a hardship license.

When can you get your license in Mass without drivers ed? ›

New Drivers Over 18

However, you do not need to take a driver's ed class or practice driving with a permit; you may simply immediately apply for an unrestricted license after passing the road test.

What are the hardship rules? ›

The amount of a hardship distribution must be limited to the amount necessary to satisfy the need. This rule is satisfied if: The distribution is limited to the amount needed to cover the immediate and heavy financial need, and. The employee couldn't reasonably obtain the funds from another source.

Can you drive alone with a permit in MA? ›

You can drive with a learner's permit, but you always need to be with another driver who is at least 21 years old and who has a driver's license. Afterwards, you have to take a driving test. If you pass the driving test, you will get a driver's license with which you can drive alone.

What is a limited term driver's license in Massachusetts? ›

Massachusetts driver's licenses are generally valid for 5 years. However, certain foreign nationals will be issued limited term licenses that are valid only until the end of their authorized stay, or for 12 months if their stay is of indefinite duration (see above).

What is a 7D license in Massachusetts? ›

Customers interested in becoming a school pupil transportation driver must obtain the required certifications. This page explains the process for obtaining a school pupil transport (7D) certificate. All 7D certificates are valid for one year from the date of issue.

What is a special use permit Massachusetts? ›

What you need. An FBA Special Use Permit is required for any organized events that take place at any FBA facility. This includes, but is not limited to, events such as fishing tournaments, canoe and kayak races, sailing events, boat parades, ice fishing events, etc.

How long does DUI stay on record in MA? ›

In Massachusetts, any first DUI conviction will appear on your criminal record for life. You may request that your DUI be sealed from your record, but there is no guarantee that that request will be honored. An arrest may appear on your records, but an arrest does not signify guilt.

How do I clear my suspended license in MA? ›

If your suspension period is 2 years or more, you are required to take a full exam (learner's permit exam and road test) in order to reinstate your suspended/revoked learner's permit or driver's license.

How do I appeal my license to carry suspension in Massachusetts? ›

What you need. If your firearms license application was denied for any reason, including suitability, you can appeal the denial at the district court that has jurisdiction over your police department. The appeal must be submitted within 90 days of the denial.

Can Massachusetts suspend a Florida license? ›

The law permits the Registry of Motor Vehicles (“RMV”) to not only suspend your license indefinitely until you are cleared of any other out of state suspensions, it also permits the RMV to suspend your license for out of state offenses just as if the offense had occurred here in Massachusetts.

What happens if you refuse a field sobriety test in Massachusetts? ›

In Massachusetts, you are under no legal obligation to take field sobriety tests and can refuse the tests without any adverse consequences. A refusal to take field sobriety tests cannot be admitted into evidence at your trial for OUI.

How long do you lose your license for if you refuse the breathalyzer in Massachusetts? ›

Massachusetts law now further mandates that, for driver's over the age of 21, your Driver's License will be suspended if you refuse the Breathalyzer Test for: No Prior OUI Offenses: 180 days. 1 Prior OUI Offense: 3 year suspension. 2 Prior OUI Offenses: 5 year suspension.

What is the penalty for refusing a breath test in Massachusetts? ›

In Massachusetts, refusing to take a chemical test is not a criminal offense, but is instead a statutory requirement with an administrative suspension/revocation. The RMV will suspend/revoke your learner's permit/driver's license or right to operate immediately. There is no notification period.

Can you still apply for emergency license in Massachusetts? ›

You can apply for a "new" Emergency license even if you have an "old" Emergency license as long as you do not currently hold a Temporary, Provisional (Preliminary for Vocational), Initial or Professional teacher license in that licensure category.

How do I get a temporary license in Mass? ›

Present the application, $25.00 fee and the appropriate documentation (see section below), in person to any RMV full service office. 3. You will receive a temporary ID valid for 30 days, after which your official ID will be mailed to you at the mailing address you provided.

Does Massachusetts have temporary license? ›

Non-refundable Application Fee: A $250.00 check or money order payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts must be included with your temporary license application.

How long can you drive in Massachusetts with an out of state license? ›

If you will drive in the U.S., the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) advises you to obtain a Massachusetts Driver's License within 30 days of moving to Massachusetts. If you have a driver's license from another U.S. state, convert it to a Massachusetts Driver's License.

What happens if you drive with a suspended license in Massachusetts? ›

The penalty for driving with a suspended license in Massachusetts is imprisonment for not more than 10 days. There is also a mandatory fine upon conviction. Anyone convicted of driving after the suspension will have their driver's license suspended for additional 60 days.

Can I drive without my license in Massachusetts? ›

What are the Penalties for Driving Without a License in Massachusetts? Operating a vehicle without a valid license is a criminal charge in Massachusetts, and a conviction can result in a fine of up to $500 (or up to $1000 if the license was revoked) and possible incarceration.

What is the easiest state to get a driver's license in? ›

Ohio is one of the easiest driver's license to get in the United States, study finds. COLUMBUS, Ohio — A new study says that the Buckeye State is one of the easiest in the nation to get a driver's license.

Can you get your permit without taking drivers ed in Massachusetts? ›

Q: Do I have to sign up for Driver's Ed before taking the learner's permit exam? A: No. However, to get your driver's license before you are 18 years old, you must complete an RMV-approved driver's education course.

How many hours do you need to drive before you get your license in MA? ›

Successfully complete a driver education program, which includes 30 hours of classroom instruction; 12 hours of in-car, behind-the-wheel training; and 6 hours of in-car observation of other student drivers.

What are some hardship reasons? ›

The most common examples of hardship include:
  • Illness or injury.
  • Change of employment status.
  • Loss of income.
  • Natural disasters.
  • Divorce.
  • Death.
  • Military deployment.

What is proof of hardship? ›

Acceptable Documentation

Lost Employment. • Unemployment Compensation Statement. (Note: this satisfies the proof of income requirement as well.) • Termination/Furlough letter from Employer. • Pay stub from previous employer with.

How do you prove hardship? ›

Letters from medical professionals, as evidence of physical and/or emotional conditions that will lead to extreme hardship to the U.S. relative. Copies of tax returns and/or pay statements as evidence of your household income. Copies of statements showing any debts that need to be settled in the United States.

When can you drive alone in Massachusetts? ›

Junior Operator Restriction

Massachusetts law states that for the first six months with a license, new drivers under 18 may not drive a car with any passenger under 18 unless the new driver is accompanied by a person who is 21 who: Has at least one year of driving experience.

Can I drive in NH with a MA permit? ›

The driver must be in compliance with any restrictions noted on the license or permit. New Hampshire Will "NOT" accept any out of state learner's permits.

How many times can you fail a driving test in Massachusetts? ›

If you fail your road test, you must wait 2 weeks before taking another test. You are not allowed to attempt more than six road tests in a 12-month period. The Massachusetts Rider Education Program (MREP) is a program within the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Is Massachusetts RMV accepting walk ins? ›

If you need to complete an in-person permit (non-CDL), license, or ID transaction, you are required to make a reservation online.

What is a Class D passenger permit in Massachusetts? ›

Different driver's licenses can be used to operate different classes of vehicles. The most common is the passenger (Class D) license, which allows you to legally operate a passenger vehicle, van or small truck.

What are the different types of licenses in Massachusetts? ›

Your License

Class A, B, and C licenses, which are known as commercial driver's licenses (CDLs), allow you to operate large vehicles, like trucks and buses. The Class D license, which is most common, is for passenger vehicles, vans, and small trucks. The Class M license allows you to operate motorcycles.

What is the new MA license called? ›

The REAL ID licenses are marked “valid for federal identification purposes” with a gold star in the upper right-hand corner. If you want a REAL ID license or ID, you must apply in person, whereas five-year standard licenses can be renewed completely online in most cases.

What is an enhanced driver license Massachusetts? ›

Enhanced Drivers Licenses (EDLs) are state-issued enhanced drivers licenses that provide proof of identity and U.S. citizenship. They are issued in a secure process, and include technology that makes travel easier.

How much does a 7D license pay in Massachusetts? ›

Average 7D Driver Van Driver yearly pay in Massachusetts is approximately $15,000, which is 79% below the national average.

Do I need a permit to replace kitchen cabinets in Massachusetts? ›

Yes, a Building Permit is required if you are doing more than just changing out cabinets, countertops, shower/tub, toilet or sink then only Electrical and Plumbing permits are required. If in doubt, please call the office.

Can you sell a house with open permits in Massachusetts? ›

Sell “as-is” and record the permit on the seller's disclosure. If you find open permits on your property, you can choose to keep them open and work with your agent to list the permits on the seller's disclosure. However, be aware that this might result in less interest in your property.

What is the Massachusetts Comprehensive Permit Act? ›

The Comprehensive Permit Act is a Massachusetts law which allows developers of affordable housing to override certain aspects of municipal zoning bylaws and other requirements. It consists of Massachusetts General Laws (M.G.L.)

Does DUI show up on background check in Massachusetts? ›

If you are convicted of a DUI in Massachusetts, that conviction will appear on your criminal record. This is also known as your CORI, or “Criminal Offender Record Information.” Employers are permitted to run criminal background checks on anyone who applies for a position at their organization.

How do you get a DUI dismissed in Massachusetts? ›

Ultimately, the best way to get an OUI / DUI dismissed is to work with an attorney. There are never any guarantees, especially with dismissals, but the professional experience (and exposure to Massachusetts courts and judges) will go a long way toward improving the chances of a favorable ruling in the OUI / DUI trial.

Does Massachusetts expunge DUI? ›

How Long Does an DUI Stay on Your Record in Massachusetts? An DUI conviction will stay on your driving record permanently, but you will be able to request to have it removed after 10 years. An DUI conviction will stay on your criminal record for the rest of your life unless you can get it expunged.

Can you get your license without drivers ed in Massachusetts? ›

Completion of a licensed Professional Driver's Education program is required of all Class D and M driver's license applicants under the age of 18 in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

How do you get around a suspended license? ›

How to Get Around While Your License Is Suspended
  1. Applying for a Restricted Driver's License.
  2. Using Public Transportation or Ridesharing.
  3. Carpooling, Walking, and Biking.

Can you get your license online in Massachusetts? ›

Visit the RMV's Online Service Center and select your renewal transaction then follow the prompts to verify your identity and start your transaction. Choose Standard Massachusetts driver's license and follow the prompts to complete your transaction online.

Does Massachusetts accept online drivers ed? ›

In a few minutes, you'll be all set to start the Massachusetts drivers ed course. Your course is available to you online 24/7. That means you can log in and out whenever you want and from any computer that has Internet access! When you log back in, we'll take you back to the exact place you left off.

Can I get a Massachusetts driver's license online? ›

Decide what type of license you want – a REAL ID driver's license (valid for federal purposes) or Standard Massachusetts driver's license (not valid for federal purposes). Go to to decide. Start your application online. Bring your required identification and completed application to an RMV Service Center.

What is a Class DM license in Massachusetts? ›

The most common is the passenger (Class D) license, which allows you to legally operate a passenger vehicle, van or small truck.


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